Who we are

We are operators, investors, and AI technologists who love supporting founders in their hero’s journey.

Vishal Maini, Founder & Managing Partner
Jonathan Eng, Partner
Paul Gu, Partner
Anna Wang, Venture Partner
Aleš Flidr, Research Analyst

What we look for

Outlier founders
- Ambition
- Integrity
- Energy
- Resourcefulness
- First-principles thinking

Building AGI-proof companies
- Path to defensibility vs. GPT-n systems
- Non-incremental technology improvements
- Positioned to benefit from AGI-era tailwinds & headwinds
- AI-native R&D and operations

Aimed towards positive civilization-scale impact
- Prosocial technologies
- Safety by design
- Positive externalities


We are proud to be backed by:

Delphi Ventures
The Operating Group
And founders, technologists, researchers, and operators
motivated to unlock long-term flourishing for human civilization